Ashley River Cleanup

11.5 TonsOne of the most important things we do as a fishing club is community service. At our founding, we decided to adopt the Ashley River as our home waters and we focus our efforts on it as a result. Please come join us in making a difference by cleaning up the historic, upper Ashley.

The upper Ashley River is mostly undeveloped, and is one of the most beautiful and historic places in the greater Charleston area. Yet, the Ashley (sometimes called the “Trashley”) is known to have a lot of trash floating and collecting along it’s banks. We, the Summerville Saltwater Anglers, are trying to put an end to this. We want to work ourselves out of a job by cleaning the river and having it stay that way. In 2016, we removed 11.5 TONS of trash (among many other items that wouldn’t fit into a bag) in a short 2.5 hrs. And there was much more to get. We made a visible difference but alas, the trash is back this year! Why? Where is it coming from? What can we do to identify and eliminate the problem at it’s source? This is the kind of awareness that we would like to bring to the Summerville community. And we invite all interested in making this river pristine to come join us.

Below are the details:

Saturday, March 3, 2018
8:00AM – 1PM

Registration is mandatory.  Please register HERE

Jessen Landing
Corner of Dorchester and Ladson Roads (Behind SCFCU bank)

What to bring:

  • Your boat, if possible. The more boats we have, the more trash we can collect.
  • Jon boats are perfect; boats up to 25 ft or so are fine.
  • Make sure you have all DNR safety gear including life jackets for your crew.
  • Dress to get dirty.
  • Tools to grab floating trash (long pole with a net on the end is perfect).
  • Bags, pickers will be provided.


2018 Ashley River Cleanup – Event Details

Our most up to date information can be found on our Facebook page

In case you are not on Facebook, here are some important details.

We would like to thank all of you for your support for this very worthy cause. This event is, and should be, all about the Ashley River.

Our committee has tried to plan for the extreme of much more than we thought. We ask for your patience, as we will all be striving to make sure things go smoothly.

The key to this event running smoothly will be how efficiently we can get folks launched and started collecting trash. PLEASE make sure your boat is in good running condition. Each boat will have less than 5 min to back down and launch. We will have volunteers with much experience launching to assist, whether backing down or parking (with your permission, of course).

When you arrive at the drive into the landing, you will be greeted by a volunteer, and told where to proceed. Vehicles without trailers will not be allowed into the parking lot – we expect to completely fill the lot with boat trailers. Please park on the side of the drive along the grass as instructed. Vehicles with boats will be instructed to pull in to the “make ready” area. This area will be two lanes side by side. Volunteers will show you were to go. Please get your boat ready to launch as quickly as possible. Don’t forget your drain plugs! When instructed, please launch as quickly as possible and bring your boat to the dock. Volunteers will help show you where to dock and help with catching your boat and dock lines.

Captains, please proceed immediately to the shelter to the Captains table. You will be given a packet with a map, some basic instructions, and given a zone number to target. This zone number will be shown on the map provided. You will also be given supplies, incl. trash bags, pickers and gloves (if available). You will be asked if you have room for crew, and matched up with volunteers who wish to be put on a boat. PLEASE BRING EXTRA LIFE JACKETS IF YOU ARE WILLING TO BRING EXTRA CREW. We ask that you grab a quick coffee and/or snack and please get started collecting trash immediately, so that we can make room on the dock for more boats. This “rolling start” will help us be more efficient.

This year we will have a fun little contest awarded to the funniest/most unusual piece of trash collected. If you have a submission when you return to the landing, please let a team leader know and we will set it aside for judging. Some of our local dignitaries will serve as judges. Winner will receive the “coveted” trash jacket and a family membership to SSWA!

Marked on your maps will be approximate locations of “trash barges”. These are motorless jon boats that will be anchored in the river. When you fill your boat, please drop them in the barges so you can go collect more. There will be extra trash bags inside the barges as well, if you are running low. If and when the barge(s) are full, please call (contact phone nums will be in your packet) and we will come tow the barge to the Kings Grant landing for offload to trucks that will move the trash back to Jessen Landing. Once offloaded, the barge will be returned to its original site ASAP.

Please return to the Jessen landing at 1:00 PM, offload any trash to volunteers at the dock, then immediately trailer your boat. Volunteers will help with trailering if needed. The current can get strong, so please receive assistance if offered!

We would like to get a group photo with the trash collected, at around 1:30PM

Please direct any correspondence regarding this event to
David Fladd
SSWA Ashley River Cleanup Committee Chair
(843) 324-4272

Keep Dorchester County Beautiful

Town of Summerville

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Joey and crew hard at work


The boats leave for their designated sections of the river


Every type of ball imaginable was collected

Shane with Nemo

We even found Nemo. But he wasn’t welcome in the Ashley River!