Club Records

Club Record Submissions:
Club records are submitted using the honor system.  If you have caught a new club record fish, please post a pic on the Members Forum and/or send a message to to get your entry posted on the record board.  Please, for the respect of the current record holder, make careful and accurate measurements of length and/or weight of your catch.

SSWA Adult Club Records (Age 16 and Above)

RedfishVince Lehr
Rob Dudley
Speckled TroutDave Fladd3/15/1424 5/8"5 lbs, 13 oz
FlounderRich Chesser5/20/1323.5"
SheepsheadJordan Brock6/11/1425"10.8 lbs
StriperDavid Fladd9/25/1729.0"
CobiaDavid Fladd5/23/1338.5"
TarponSteve Weber7/30/11LeaderedApprox 80-90 lbs
Spanish Mackerel
Black DrumDavid Fox9/17/1144"
SpadefishDave Fladd6/12/1110 lbs

SSWA Youth Club Records (Under Age 16)

RedfishMegan Lehr10/22/1139"
Speckled TroutMatthew Johnson11/29/1222.5"
FlounderBrodie Blanton8/8/1119"
SheepsheadMonica Waller10/13/116 lbs
StriperGrant Allison2/19/1727½"
CobiaIan Fladd5/22/1142" FL30 lbs
Spanish MackerelRob Furman9/13/1118"
Black Drum
SpadefishIan Fladd6/12/118.5 lbs

Anglers of the Year

YearYouth Angler of the YearAdult Angler of the Year
2011Megan LehrRobert Ford
2012Ethan LehrRobert Ford
2013Ian FladdDave Fladd
2014Ethan LehrJordan Brock
2015Andrew PeltoDave Fladd

Annual Cobia Flotilla Event

YearCaptain and CrewCatch
2011Dave Fladd (Captain), Ray Philyaw (Angler)36" Cobia
2012Will Absher (Captain), Dan McClintock (Angler), Daniel Popejoy37.5" Cobia
2013Kevin Thorton(Capt.) Angler Will Absher, Crew Dan McClintock, & Randy Richardson40" & 33.5" Cobia

Annual Bragging Rights Tournament

YearWinning Captain and CrewRules & Results
2011Tie (Capt: Ralph Phillips, Crew: Dave Fladd, Ian Fladd, Robert Mayhue) & (Capt: Robert Ford, Crew: Vince Lehr)Format was top 2 fish for red/trout/flounder: Phillips boat won 1, 2, 3 in trout, 1 in redfish and Ford's boat won 1, 2 in flounder and 2, 3 in redfish)
2012Tourney cancelled due to inclement weather
2013Capt: Ralph Phillips, Crew: Warren Phillips, Alex SieberFormat was total length of up to two of each: Red, Trout, Flounder
Winning result was 86" with 2 trout, 2 reds and 1 flounder weighed
2014Capt: Ralph Phillips, Anglers Dave Fladd, and Neal Axon