Tournaments are a great way to build camaraderie and test your skills against others, not to mention the memories made and the retelling of the one that got away.

SSWA has two types of tournaments; a SSWA “Angler of the Month” contest in which all members are automatically entered and is completely free with a paid SSWA membership; and a monthly “Entry Fee” Tournament throughout the year.  See below for more details.

SSWA “Angler of the Month” Contest:

  • “Angler of the Month” tournament is free to all paid SSWA members.
  • All SSWA members automatically registered.
  • Prizes provided by the club.
  • Four target species:
    • Redfish
    • Trout
    • Flounder
    • Sheepshead
  • Biggest fish for each species wins a prize.
  • Anglers will receive a unique identifier at the beginning of the month via email as well it will be posted on the SSWA Facebook page.
    • This word or phrase must visible in the photo of the fish being submitted. Suggest you write the word or phrase on a piece of paper and place it in a Ziploc bag and place with your tackle!
  • All entries must be emailed to the club’s tournament email address by the last day of the month. Only entries submitted to this address will be considered as entrees for the competition.
  • Monthly submissions also accrue competition points, so even if you don’t have the biggest fish, submit your catch for points!
  • Most points at the end of the year determines SSWA “Angler of the Year” and SSWA “Youth Angler of the Year”.
  • To qualify, all entries MUST be photographed clearly against a ruler:
    • The rule must have contrasting scribe lines so the length con be determined by the tournament director(s).
    • The entire fish must be within the frame of the photo to be eligible. Total length is tail pinched.
    • The tournament director shall have final say in adjusting official length for cases of poor photo quality.
  • In case of a tie, the first fish submitted will be the tiebreaker.
  • Species and Points:
    • The four target species are Trout, Redfish, Flounder, and Sheepshead.
    • The largest fish of each target species will be the winner of that species for the month.
    • Top five submissions for each target species will receive bonus points based on their placement:
      • 1st Place: 10 Points
      • 2nd Place; 8 Points
      • 3rd Place: 6 Points
      • 4th Place: 4 Points
      • 5th Place: 2 Points
      • Anglers will receive 1 point for their first target species caught during tournament time.
    • Prizes will be awarded for 1st place of each species.
    • Points will accumulate throughout the year to determine the club’s Male, Female, and Youth Angler of the Year award.
    • Points will be tallied every month and posted on SSWA web and Facebook page.
    • SSWA Board Members reserve the right to adjust tournament rules during their board meeting with all current board members consent.


The tournament will be fished consistent with and enforced pursuant to the laws of the state. Any violation of South Carolina State Statute will result in the disqualification of the angler. It is the responsibility of the anglers to review South Carolina State Statutes, S.C. Wildlife Commission Laws. Since this is a Catch-Photo-Release tournament OVERSLOT AND UNDERSLOT fish are eligible to be entered, but MUST be released alive. All vessels shall be equipped with the minimum United States Coast Guard requirements for that vessel.


All anglers will exercise good sportsmanship, safety and courtesy whether at dock, under way or fishing. Remember these tournaments are for FUN!


While operating, being moored, anchord, or fishing safe boating practices shall be adhered to at all times.


Live or Cut Bait and Artificial Lure are permitted in the tournaments. All fish must be caught on rod, reel, and line. Snatching with multiple hooks, gigging and using multiple hooks (Treble Hooks) with any natural bait is prohibited! Treble hooks are permitted for lures only.


Tournaments will start on the first day of the month. All submissions must be received at by 11:59 PM on the last day of the month or it will not be recorded as a tournament catch for the month.


Eligible fish must be caught fresh within the stated boundaries throughout the tournament. SSWA encourages catch and release after photographing your catch. If not practicing catch and release, then fish must be of legal state length.


Anglers may fish anywhere on waters accessible to the public. Anglers may not enter waters deemed closed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources or are private.

Click here to view the SSWA Tournament Rules: SSWA Tournament Rules 2020.

SSWA Fishing Tournaments:

  • There may be several tournaments throughout the year, at the discretion of the SSWA’s Board of Directors.
  • Tournament Dates will be planned for the first weekend after the monthly member meeting.
  • Tournaments will have a small entry fee per angler (reduced price for SSWA members).
  • Prior to the tournament will be a captains meeting, typically held at SSWA Monthly Meetings.
  • Tournament results will be posted on the SSWA website and Facebook page, as well as communicated via email.


  • Have a ruler ready, preferably one with a 90°stop on one side.
  • The size of the fish will be determined by “Total Length” of the fish per SCDNR regulations.
  • TL= Total Length measure; Tip of snout to tip of tail (excluding filaments). Tail should be pinched.
  • Place the nose of the fish on the 90° stop.
  • The photo should be taken from directly overhead such that the nose is clearly at 0 and the tail and ruler are in focus.